List of Best Payment Gateway India & Integration

List of best payment gateway india

Looking for best payment gateway in India? We can assist

You are doing a business in India then you must be seeking best payment gateways in India. It’s a difficult task to compare and come up with the benefits and drawbacks of payment gateways, this creates troubles for the businessmen. Here, we have come up with the best payment gateways in India for your business. On the basis of critical analysis of different payment gateways we mentioned the best ones which can be suitable for payment transactions. Along with the list of payment gateways we will introduce our readers with how to implement each gateway. Not a single payment gateway is above all and perfect but every payment gateway has its benefits and drawbacks. You can follow our future posts in which we will come up with the analysis technique in order to make decision which payment gateway to use and which one to leave.

Introducing Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is referred as the payment service which make authorizations of credit cards and other online banking system for electronic transactions of payments. It’s a very necessary thing to understand even for the beginners of any little business especially if online working. Payment gateway serves itself as the bridge between the bank and the source from where you are earning, it can be any web, application etc. For those, who listen the payment gateway term for the first time, they might have to spend some time to search some deep knowledge about it.

Here we have mentioned the details of following three best payment gateways in India:

  1. Instamojo
  2. Paypal
  3. ccavenue

We have come up with these three payment gateways after comparing the features and services of different payment options. We have a collection of details related to each payment gateway.


Blogging is one of the platforms for interacting with others. It also provides audience with various valuable resources. In return it provides good earning opportunities. Since the advancement of e-commerce many people have setup business online. Nowadays we can see easily see online stores and other services. Many artists and startups have started selling online the creations of them. There are dedicated stores for e-commerce. When it comes to small players, it is not much easy for them to sell things online due to unavailability of proper facilities of payments in India. India is a big country and has varying populations. There are many freelancers who do online sales. If you are one you might have experienced a commonly occurring problem which is acceptance of payments from buyers and patrons.  Not all the customers have access to PayPal or credit card in India. Payment processes via PayPal are limited and doing online business is like a dream for small scale sellers. Here is the solution for this matter in the form of Instamojo login. It is an Indian company which is incorporated considering needs of online marketers irrespective of sizes.


Well, Instamojo is Mumbai based incorporation which has offered payment solution which is Indian and for Indians. Using Instamojo payments links, it works by quickly creating and sharing payment link on email, social media, website etc. using this service one case conveniently receive debit card, credit card or net banking payments. For freelance writers and bloggers, it is indeed a bigger novel idea.


Well, well this is certainly not an Instamojo payment gateway. It is in fact something superior to a gateway for payment purposes. This allows you to create page and share this on website. You can also sell your products through website integration with Instamojo. This integration allows creating beautiful CTA-buttons upon blogs or websites.


Even the air is not free nowadays. Same applies to Instamojo but it is a little bit free payment gateway India due to lowest charges. Service fee of flat 5 percent of sales value is charged for sales value. Yes it is just 5% which is much less. For increased conversions and larger transactions, this amount becomes substantially decreased. Payments are on weekly basis, say every Friday.


You can use Instamojo for following purposes for your online business;

Online selling of digital products

 Till now, online selling has been easy due to lack of super funding needed for e-commerce. Instamojo has made it easier for Indians to enjoy reasonable and easy online sales.

Selling eBooks etc

List of these items is larger covering newsletters, research articles, whitepapers, music and many other physical goods. It is thus one of the simplest ways to sell your products and services.

Selling tickets & events

It helps in selling tickets for events as well as membership programs.

Social pay

This payment gateway India is a relatively new concept for content marketing. If you do not want your customers or readers to bear monetary pricing, they will be offered to pay social share for using your services.

Pay for your desired things

Instamojo best Payment Gateway India is superb helpful for many online developers creating add-ons and plugins. Flexibility can be created for them by setting up a price tha t is not fixed for their products. Thus you will be paying as per your limits. NGOs & other foundations find this feature helpful as they can use it for online donation campaigns and collect payment online.

Tracking sales

You can track with Instamojo, demographics of buyers with other details. This helps in focusing on regions & customer types which pay higher amounts or which bring on more business. It is best way to integrate a payment collection system.


As per Instamojo review it is most trusted payment platforms online. It is an amazing platform for all businesses whether small sized or large sized and is a payment gateway for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs & Freelancers. Login and enjoy happy earnings.

Paypal in India

How to use PayPal in India is a question that almost every educated Indian wants to know about. PayPal is well known name for online payments worldwide. It supports transfers of money online and also provides as electronic alternative for traditional methods like money orders and checks. PayPal is known as the largest online payment system worldwide.


In order to use PayPal in India, first of all you need to have a PayPal account. To get an account for PayPal integration proceed as below;

  • First of all select an individual account and click continue
  • Enter name and email address and click continue
  • Fill upcoming info form and click in the box to agree to terms & conditions and to create account
  • Next question will be to link debit or credit card
  • You are done and your account at PayPal is created
  • Shop online and pay through PayPal


It is easy to use PayPal in India with simple PayPal India Login as the process for this is same just like its use in any other country. Following are the features which make PayPal a top priority when choosing online payment methods;

Worldwide shopping

After you create PayPal Account you can enjoy large numbers of benefits. There are more than ten million online worldwide stores with over 200 markets which accept PayPal. Using this you can easily shop quality goods all over the world from various stores while sitting at home. After you are done with selecting items to purchase, click on PayPal payment button and proceed with payment.

Protected purchases

It is the most trusted payment platforms online. With PayPal shoppers are protected under buyer protection. Users of PayPal get reimbursement for their items that do not match description or does not arrive.

Refund through return shipping

Under PayPal refund scheme, if you have changed mind about purchases, ship items back to seller and get $15 refund upon shipping cost via refunded service.

Payment with preferred card

PayPal India works with major banks of India & overseas. This allows Indians to pay with their debit or credit card whichever they prefer and continue to earn reward points. Addition or credit or debit card is optional.

Online shopping

Using PayPal your payments are securely completed by using your email & password. Payments are actively processed securely and financial details of customers are not shared with online stores. Sellers also find PayPal usage convenient and simplest way to sell products with guaranteed money receiving.


If you want to transfer money or collect Payment Online from your PayPal account to any other bank account in India, you can do it very easily. For example if you have $20 in PayPal account which you need to transfer to your account at any bank. Your PayPal payment gateway India must be verified for this purpose and your money is then automatically transferred to account within 2 to 3 days. Logging into PayPal account is not required at this stage. This rule has been implemented by RBI over PayPal usage. There are many other conversion options for Indian users, such as conversion of money to Indian Rupee as per prevailing market rate. Currency conversion is much easy now with PayPal as you can transfer money to bank account after conversion to Rupee. It is the best way to integrate a payment collection system.


When you use your PayPal account best Payment Gateway India to transfer money to bank account initially small amounts are transferred for account verification. When it is confirmed, your amount is transferred to bank account. For those who plan to earn online money, they must get online bank facility. This is because all Indian Banks offer online facilities without any fee just like PayPal free payment gateway India. Just fill a required form and get a user-name & password. Using this you can sign in to the bank site. PayPal is the simplest and most convenient way of sending and receiving money in India and hence it is recommended as best payment gateway for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs & Freelancers.