DomainX™ 2017 Conference, New Delhi Event Tickets

Hey! Have you ever heard about domain marketing? if you haven’t heard, you will be missing a great opportunity to earn a awesome money. Domain Marketing is method in which you have to acquire the gems in domain marketing. Do you know what Frank T. Schilling, founder of uniregistry co operation, is saying about domain marketing?

In the future, fortune could well favor those who didn’t sell their good domain names too cheaply, or too boldly ~Frank Schilling

Anyway DomainX™ comes forward each year to take initiative to explore much in domain marketing.  DomainX™ has been a dedicated annual domain name conference with multiple yearly events across the globe to network, spread awareness and educate public about domain names and the industry.

DomainX™ 2017 Conference in New Delhi on 5th August,  there will be an opportunity to discover, network, inspire and repeat through networking with experienced professionals. DomainX™ is trying to bridge the gap and bring in mass opportunities among domain name industry and other Internet professionals.

I was present in DomainX 2016. I met a lot of experienced professionals. I am sharing few click which I captured there. Have a look.

With record-breaking participation at previous editions of DomainX™, there is no better opportunity for budding domain name owners, investors and entrepreneurs to connect and learn from experts.

I will be attending this conference once again. Let’s meet there & learn new things. if you are coming don’t forget to comment. I so excited for this.

Conference (5th August) & Networking (6th August)

At DomainX™ 2017 Conference in New Delhi, They cater participants with tea/coffee breaks and scrumptious lunch. The cost is included in the Admission ticket.

One more thing I forget to tell you. last time scrumptious lunch was super delicious. Yummy! So let’s meet there.

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Tentative Speakers of DomainX 2017 Conference

Samiran Gupta

~Head of India at ICANN, veteran in business strategy and public affairs management.

Tommy Butler

~Veteran investor of geo-targeted and product related keyword domain names since 1998.

Jon Yau

~IT Consultant who acquired for USD $250,000 for business.

Zak Muscovitch

~Practised domain name law since 1999 & Principal of The Muscovitch Law Firm.

Rodney D. Ryder

~IP Lawyer & Advisor to Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India.

Terms: Tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable.